Saturday, June 22, 2013

Madison's Dog of the Week


This is Hutch. He has been a resident of the Rockin' G since October, 2012. He was confiscated from neglect/abuse in Pryor. When he was brought to the shelter, he had been tied to a tree for God knows how long. The rope was imbedded in his neck and skin ripped when it was removed. He was extremely underweight; ate in a frenzy for several months until he finally figured out every meal would not be his last. His case, for some reason, never went to court. So poor Hutch hung in limbo...couldn't go home (thank God), couldn't be adopted. We tried to give him as much love and affection as time would allow but still, he spent day after day, week after week, month after month, in a 4X6 cell. Finally we noticed that Hutch no longer got excited when we came by his kennel, he was giving up. We worked harder to get him out more and to give him more attention...but with so many dogs and cats, there is only so much time. Finally, his owners were contacted and given the opportunity to come get him with the understanding that they paid the return fees and that he would be checked on to make sure he was not tied up and was being cared for. They declined. We put Hutch on the adoptable dog list and on the internet. We contacted rescues that work with Pitties; no luck because we all know pups like Hutch "are a dime a dozen." Not true! This guy has been through more in his 4 years than ANY animal should have to endure. Still, he loves people (but not cats…and that has hurt his chances), is friendly, loyal, smart, eager to please and appreciates every minute you spend with him. Hutch's time is about to run out. We cannot let him live out his life in a cage...not fair for such a sweet soul. We will ONLY let him go to a home that will love him and treat him the way he should have been all his life. He will make someone a wonderful companion...or he will lose his life. We love Hutch and that's why we are asking that you share his story in hopes of finding that perfect someone to love and care for him. He has been on the "list" twice and each time something came up that gave him a bit more time but time is almost up and we are heartbroken.

Hutch is at the Rockin' G Animal Shelter in Pryor, OK

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